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Applications Now Available for Trade Stalls and Stalls in Gourmet Food & Craft Tents (No more jewellery, scarves or handbags sellers accepted)

You can download an application and price list on our 'Download applications' page.  In order to maintain sufficient diversity in the craft tent for visitors and sellers, we are not accepting any additional sellers of jewellery, scarves or handbags.  If you are unsure, please contact the Show Secretary directly.  Over 16,000 visitors last year and many repeat stall bookings is a strong indication of how well traders do.  Why not come along this year?


Castlewellan Show on BBC's Farm Fixer

The Farm Fixer programme was screened on BBC this week on Nov 4th where The Apprentice's Nick Hewer engages with the committee of Castlewellan Show to help improve Show revenue.  The programme focused on the three new female committee members, Chairperson Michelle McCauley, Show Secretary Jackie Fitzpatrick and Treasurer Theresa Kearney in their bid to develop new Show attractions.  It gives a sense of the work which goes into making a Show happen and includes some lovely footage from Show Day.  It is currently available on BBC Iplayer  at 


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